The Captain's Boil logo in black and white

I have seen the many pictures from The Captain’s Boil and I knew I had to see what the hype was all about. Located at 476 Yonge Street, Camille and I had to go in and check it out.

The 3-Step menu on how to choose your catch, flavour and heat.


On the back of the menu are your choices of sides and drinks.

The Captain’s Boil Menu

We walking into The Captain’s Boil and the first thing that we commented on was the aroma. We could automatically tell that we were going to be getting some real authentic seafood. Not only was the aroma infectious, but the menu was eye-catching. I loved the fact that they included pictures of the seafood options on the front. The 3-step ordering process was beyond helpful because it made everyone’s lives easier. On the reverse side of the menu, we had the chance to pick our sides and drinks. Not too bad for a seafood joint!

Cajun style mussels in a plastic bag.


Camille ordered the Cajun-style Mussels. We love spicy food so she chose the “fire” option for her mussels. Every bit of these mussels were looking good enough to dig in to. Before we did any eating, we put on the plastic gloves and bib that the restaurant provided. Camille was digging into the mussels with a permanent smile. At that point, I knew that my food was going to be AMAZING!

Cajun style snow crab legs in a plastic bag.

Snow Crab Legs

Anybody that knows me knows that I LOVE CRAB! My family usually makes Curry Crab, but I’m open to try crab cooked different ways. I got the Cajun-style Snow Crab Legs and I fell in love. Of course I added “fire” to my crab legs and it packed the right amount of heat. When I cracked the crab legs, I would dip some of the crab meat into the juices left in the plastic bag in came in. By the way, that plastic bag is sheer GENIUS! These crab legs were so perfect that I declined adding any sides to my dish. Trust me, it didn’t need any.

Cajun style crawfish in a plastic bag.


Camille and I shared the Crawfish. I have always wanted to try crawfish and now I had the chance. To me, the texture of the crawfish was a mixture of crab and lobster. It was sweet and fresh. I felt like I was down South enjoying one of their crawfish boils. (pun intended!) I’m glad I got the chance to try something new and I didn’t have to travel too far to get it.

Cajun style crawfish in a plastic bag.

When you visit The Captain’s Boil, you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. (not literally!) It’s more than a restaurant…It’s an EXPERIENCE! They have everything you could possibly want.

The Captain’s Boil has 3 other locations at 5313 Yonge Street, 10A-865 York Mills Road & 1620 Bayview Avenue. Check out The Captain’s Boil at