The outside of STATS

Walking into STATS was like walking into a sports haven. Beer, TV, Great Food, Beer…Beer. We had to admit we did not quite know what to expect, but we had heard some good things about it from a few buddies. Word on the street was that the Kung Fu Ribs were a deLEEcious…(Bruce Lee? LEEcious? Get it? Kung Fu Martial Arts? No?.. Ok)


Chicken salad with bacon bits, eggs, tomatoes and feta cheese

Victory Cobb Salad

I know what you are thinking…A large chicken salad to start…Oh wow so delicious…Cobb salad… And you are right, aside from your sarcasm, it was beyond delicious. The chicken was cooked to absolute perfection. Seasoned ever so slightly so that each time a juicy piece of succulent, moist chicken breast hit your tongue  you were in awe at how well a sports bar could cook poultry. Fresh lettuce and arugula, rich sharp feta, crisp bacon bits and delicious cherry tomatoes, played exquisitely well with the perfectly boiled eggs. You won’t need dressing or any vinaigrette with this delicious Cobb Salad.


Salmon with a side of orzo salad

The Angler 

Let me ask you something. Have you ever had salmon? Real salmon? Lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and fresh herbs kind of salmon? Mouthwatering salmon? Cooked just over medium rare salmon? Didn’t you love how the flakes of its soft flesh gently pulled away from the whole portion and rested daintily on your fork? Me too! We were newbies to Orzo salad, but quickly became advocates after this rich assortment of cold pasta and fresh vegetables hit our palates. Overall, statistically speaking, of course we were craving more of this meal.

Chicken sandwich with a side of fries


Dirty Bird

First of all, there is nothing dirty about this bird and we will be having a chat with the chef about defamation of such a delicious dish! But all jokes aside, this was one of the most delicious chicken sandwiches we have ever had! The vinegar slaw was a reminder of how under appreciated a good coleslaw goes nowadays; just the right amount of acidity can go along way. The spicy Sriracha mayo was the perfect addition and complimented the sandwich to a T. Needless to say, the chicken was cooked to perfection and crispy like how Grandma used to make.


Ribs with a side of pickled cucumber

Kung Fu Ribs 

Our tastebuds were Kung Fu fighting. These were Ribs of Fury! Crouching Tiger Hidden Flavour! (I’m not a big pun guy)…Anyways these juicy, specially charred ribs were the highlight of the night. Tender and well seasoned with a kick that the name would imply. The contrast of sugar and spices were like a melody of flavours playing the strings in unison. Excellently cooked and served piled atop one another drizzled in a sauce definitely inspired by Asian cuisine. The pickled cucumber slaw on the side was a pairing that we could not argue with. All in all, we have to say we will definitely be recommending STATS to all the foodies out there. For those who love the excitement of sports and want a taste of what Atlanta has to offer, head down to STATS where it is never a dull moment.

STATS is located at 300 Marietta Street in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out STATS at