The outside of Cinebistro in Atlanta

Going to the movies in a theatre with popcorn is a thing of the past. If you are not having a main course while watching the latest flick, well then you have not had the full cinema experience. Where else could you go to get a meal that looks like it had been served by Wolfgang Puck himself! Cinebistro in Atlanta makes you feel like royalty as soon as you walk in the front doors… Or should I say… They make you feel like a real movie star.

Cobb Salad with Chicken, Bacon, Chopped Eggs, Avocado and Blue Cheese

Cobb Salad

I know what you must be thinking. Atlanta loves Cobb Salads! The surprising twist of the Blue Cheese in this Cobb Salad definitely separates it from the rest. The smokiness of the Bacon with the woodiness of the Chicken Breast on top of these leafy greens gave the main courses a run for their money. The Lemon-Basil dressing was light and we appreciated the fact that it was not drizzled on the salad for us. We could add as much dressing as we wanted without it overpowering the salad. We liked!

Atlantic Salmon with Shrimp on a bed of Collards and whipped Potatoes

Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon

Now just take a look at this dish. The construction of how organized and how detailed this plate looked was remarkable. This is what we are talking about when we refer to eating with your eyes. The Salmon could not have been more flakey. And do not get us started with the Shrimp! The Shrimp and Whipped Potatoes were very reminiscent of the Southern classic, Shrimp and Grits. We could never have enough Bacon and we are pretty sure that Cinebistro knew that, as the Collards had Bacon infused in them. Can you say YES PLEASE!!

Ribeye Cheesestake with Sweet Potato Fries and ketchup on the side

Ribeye Cheesesteak

Nobody said that you have to go to Philly to enjoy a Cheesesteak. Case in point the Ribeye Cheesesteak. The shaved Ribeye was roasted to perfection and stole the show. Everything tastes better with cheese, which is proven with the silkiness of this particular American Cheese. But the Sweet Potato Fries were to die for! We are big fans of seasoning and with each Sweet Potato Fry, it was as though there was a party in our mouths with every bite. Who knew Sweet Potato Fries could do that to you.

If you are looking for a place that will give you Movies With Taste, you must head over to Cinebistro. We are going to keep you in suspense on the movie we saw, but all we can say is that similar to our meals, we were nowhere near disappointed. Dinner and a movie never looked so good in the Atlanta Brookhaven area. Check out Cinebistro at



The outside of Big Sushi

Camille and I were walking down Bloor Street trying to decide what we wanted to eat for dinner. We passed a few places that caught our eyes but this place in particular stood out the most. Located at 388 Bloor Street West, Big Sushi’s bright, colourful sign automatically drew us in.

Citrus salad with ginger

Green Citrus Salad

Both of our meals came with this Green Citrus Salad. I saved my salad for last because I was excited to dig into my main course. When I finally dug into the salad, my mouth was screaming with excitement. I could taste a hint of ginger which invigorated the salad. I will admit that I even took some of Camille’s salad because it was that great!

Chicken and Crab Rolls on the same plate

Chicken and Soft Shell Crab Rolls

Let me start by saying that I ordered the Chicken Rolls and I LOVED THEM! Now thinking about it, I wish I ordered another set of these because they were awesome. I had never had Chicken Rolls before and man, I could not image that they would that excellent. The Teriyaki sauce that was drizzled on the top and bottom of the rolls was the right amount of sweet for that dish.

Camille ordered the Soft Shell Crab Rolls and they did not disappoint either.I am a big fan of crab so I knew I had to try them out. I loved the crunchiness of the cucumbers and the juiciness of the crab together. They marry extremely well. I did not expect for both of our orders to be on the same plate but I did not mind at all. This added to the family friendly feeling of the restaurant.

Chicken Yakisoba with Carrots and Broccoli

Chicken Yakisoba

I had the Chicken Yakisoba as my main course. I had never had noodles that were as large as these. One thing that I do appreciate about Big Sushi is that their menu has pictures for the various meals. I liked the fact that I could see what my order would potentially look like. I had the option of adding spice to my meal, so you know I had to take it! It was not too spicy as Sriracha sauce was used. It intensified the flavours of my dish. It was sweet and spicy, which is what mattered the most!

Salmon Teriyaki, White Rice, Shrimp Tempura, Shrimp Rolls and an Orange on the side

Bento C

Bento C was Camille’s main course. Her Bento Box consisted of: Salmon Teriyaki, White Rice, Shrimp Rolls, Tempuras- Shrimp, Onions, Mushrooms and Broccoli, and a perfectly sliced Orange. I kept looking at her Bento Box in amazement. One of the things that I felt I was missing from my dinner was rice. Majority of the time, I have rice with my meals especially for dinner. I took some of Camille’s rice and ate it with the chicken and vegetables from my Chicken Yakisoba. Trust me, I like to mix and match when it comes to food. Camille loved every bit of her Bento C because there was nothing left on her tray!

Next time you are looking for a Japanese restaurant that provides BIG, bold flavours, make sure you head over to Big Sushi. Remember… The BIGGER the noodles, the BETTER! Check out Big Sushi at