Outside Agave restaurant

To say that we love Mexican food is an understatement! Anytime we are in Atlanta we have to show our appreciation for the different types of food fusion that this beautiful city has to offer. Agave is another restaurant that we can add to the list of eateries that just touches a certain spot within us.

Agave Cayenne Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Corn

Agave’s Famous Cayenne Fried Chicken

Who said you can not have grilled Corn during Winter? When you see those grill marks on your plate, you know that you are in for a treat. The coating on this Fried Chicken has just the right amount of crispness and was seasoned to perfection. Now when we cut into this Chicken Breast…Need I say more! Ok, I will…The most tender piece of meat all thanks to the buttermilk preparation. Honestly we had a difficult time deciding what part of the meal to eat first. After careful consideration, we literally inhaled the grilled Corn in a few seconds!

The Agave menu featuring Entrees and Sides

We will absolutely vouch for the fact that you can never go wrong with a restaurant that aims to give you the best eating experience with some cultural history. With some of the best Mexican fusion in Atlanta, Agave is undoubtably the sweet nectar of the South!

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