Outside of Fred's Not Here restaurant

This year, I had the opportunity to attend Winterlicious. With over 10 years of Winterlicious experience under their belt, Fred’s Not Here was looking more and more like a must-try eatery. We chose an evening to feast at Fred’s Not Here, where steak and seafood count for some signature dishes.

Kale salad with Chopped Walnuts and Parmesan on top

Chopped Kale Salad

To start, I decided on the Chopped Kale salad with Miso Tahini dressing and chopped walnuts. I can’t deny that this was the perfect starter. In addition to the presentation, the salad displayed the perfect balance of crunch from the walnuts and the crispness of fresh kale, one that was not drenched in dressing.

Arugula salad with sprinkled Grana Padano cheese and Apple slices on the side

Salad of Arugula

The salad of Arugula, similar to the Kale salad, was great for cleansing our tastebuds. It was dressed with a desirable vinaigrette and fresh Grana Padano cascaded overtop. Salt and pepper to taste, and there we had an unconventional twist to an everyday classic.

Baked Lobster and Crab soup

Baked Lobster & Crab Soup

Now can we please talk about the Crab & Lobster soup! It was jammed packed with an explosive amount of Lobster flavour, but not too much to overpower the palette. The flaky pastry along with the sweet and buttery texture of the Crab was notably the best.

Black Label Beef Burger with a side of Duck fat Frites

Black Label Burger with Duck Fat Frites

The Black Label Burger featured a thick (and I mean THICK) cut of Angus beef with red onion, lettuce and tomatoes. The bun was savoury, almost as if baked in house just for this meal. Though it was the actual size of your average burger; this meal was not for one with a birdie appetite. The beef alone made up for a generous portion and when compiled with the toppings and bun, it made for a very large, messy and juicy experience.

The Duck Fat Frites resembled miniature thin cut French fries minus the grease and though it seems to be the cliché to have a side of fries, what’s a burger without the Frites, am I right?

Blacked Beef Filet (served Medium) with Shrimp Creole and Dirty Rice. Green Beans and Red Cabbage on the side.

Blackened Beef Filet with Shrimp Creole & Dirty Rice

To me, the Blackened Beef Filet with Shrimp Creole & Dirty Rice favoured a Caribbean dish. The seasoning had the right touch of spice that felt like a party in my mouth. The Beef Filet was ordered Medium and you could not get a more beautiful selection of meat. It was just melting in my mouth! Both the Shrimp Creole and Beef Filet complimented each other exceptionally well within this dish. A definite Surf ‘n Turf meal.

Lobster a l'Américaine - Roasted Lobster in a creamy Lobster sauce with Fettuccine

Lobster à l’Américaine

I can absolutely say that this has been some of the best seafood I have ever tried! The Lobster in this particular dish had to have been the catch of the day and not to mention, the Fettuccine was delightful. What I could appreciate by tasting this meal was that the cream sauce did not overtake the star of the show. Happiness on a plate if I do say so myself.

Mango and Berry Cheesecake with Chocolate drizzle underneath

Mango & Berry Cheesecake

I ordered my favourite dessert – Cheesecake. The restaurant featured a Berry & Mango cheesecake, which created the ideal fruit fusion of sweet and tangy. The taste of the cake was well balanced: Its texture was smooth, but not too rich and the portion size was substantial, but not overwhelming.

Mango, Berry and Lemon frozen fruit ice

Fresh Fruit Ice (Lemon, Mango and Berry flavours featured)

The Fruit Ice came as a trio. Mango, Lemon and Berry flavours made for a refreshing cool down for our warm entrées prior. Each flavour hit my taste buds with familiar fruit sensations. When we combined the fruit ice together, this created an interesting, tropical fruit fusion of tang and sweet without the heaviness of ice cream or the added guilt.

Baked Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding with Caramel drizzle

Baked Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding

As a lover of banana bread, this dessert really “took the cake!” The warmth of the Banana Bread Pudding paired with a drizzle of chocolate and the richness of the pudding was enough to impress any banana enthusiast. It honestly reminded me of an actual bowl of banana pudding. It is a shame we couldn’t take a whole container of this delicious dessert home.

Given this culinary experience, I would recommend Fred’s Not Here in a heartbeat for those who enjoy hearty meals and a relaxing vibe. Low lighting made for a calming atmosphere and the staff alike was friendly, humorous and provided excellent customer service.


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