Wood burning stone pizza oven

Old Kingston Road in the East-end Scarborough has many historical places. Fratelli Village Pizzeria is one of the restaurants that adds that cultural feel to such a close-knit community. From the beautiful wood burning stone oven to the aroma of fresh pasta in the air, we could automatically feel the love in this family-owned eatery!

Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar dip

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dip

One of the steeples in any authentic Italian restaurant is the Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar dip that accompanies the fresh in-house bread. What can we say…We love to play with our food and that was apparent when we used the pieces of bread to mix the Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar together. To us, it looked like a fun science experiment that we got a chance to take part in.

Seafood Risotto with Mussels, Shrimp and Spinach in a tomato sauce

Seafood Risotto

I think that it is safe to say that we have a weakness for Risotto. I had the opportunity to try Mussels for the first time and I enjoyed it. The tomato sauce from this dish gave the Mussels and Shrimp a nice, smooth texture throughout the meal. We also appreciated the size of the Shrimp. They were not hidden in the Risotto because they were front an centre. Two thumbs way up!

A fresh piece of Salmon with a slice of lemon on the side

Fresh Salmon 

Our waiter was very accommodating when it came to the Salmon. He offered us the Salmon on the side and we could not refuse. The fragrance of the Salmon has us wishing that we were on a yacht sailing, but when we squeezed the lemon on top, that brought brightness to the fish. Eating the Salmon with the Seafood Risotto was a match made in Heaven.

Four Cheese Pizza - Parmesan, Swiss, Mozzarella, and Smoked Mozzarella Cheeses

Four Cheese Pizza

You can honestly never and I mean NEVER has enough cheese *insert heart eye emoji* This four…and yes we said FOUR Cheese Pizza was nothing short of spectacular. Now you have Parmesan, Swiss, Mozzarella, and Smoked Mozzarella cheese that just gave us a permanent smile on our faces. We could taste the difference in the way the pizza was made. The stone oven is one of the highlights of Fratelli Village Pizzeria because your pizza is brought to you in a matter of a few minutes.

Shrimp Pappardelle with sliced tomatoes, fresh pasta in a cream sauce

Shrimp Pappardelle

Fresh pasta in a creamy sauce…Can you say Bon Appetite! The cream sauce with the diced tomatoes were a beautiful combination. Can you tell that we could not get enough of the shrimp dishes! This is one of the dishes that we can admit that we absolutely ate with our eyes. More please.

Fratelli Pizza - Pepperoni, Bacon, Hot Sausage, Ham and Mozzarella

Fratelli Pizza

I love to called this one the “Meat Lovers” pizza. Having Fratelli’s name on this pizza means that your mouth is in for an awakening. Some of the top Italian meats, such as Pepperoni, Hot Sausage, Bacon, and Ham, all played a role in this masterpiece. The crispiness of the Bacon was my favourite part of this pizza. We could not resist a pizza that had all the fixings when it comes to meat.

Popeye Pizza - Goat cheese, Spinach, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, and Tomato sauce

Popeye Pizza 

Our final pizza that we had to try was the Popeye. It had the Spinach that provides the link for its namesake. The sprinkled Prosciutto that graced the top of the Popeye could not have been better. I was not entirely sure how the Goat Cheese would work with the other ingredients but I was proven wrong. The Goat Cheese added a smooth and creaminess to the pizza that we appreciated.

Fratelli Dessert - deep fried dough with cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar. Two scoops of Vanilla gelato is placed on top.

Fratelli Dessert

WE LOVED THIS DESSERT! This has turned into our guilty pleasure. The fried dough is so light and airy that we promise you will keep going back for more. Over some great conversation, you will find that you and your dinner guests will continue to peel away at this delectable treat. The Gelato is at the top of some of the best that we have ever had! When you go to Fratelli Village Pizzeria, you MUST order this dessert!

The chefs from Fratelli Village Pizzeria & I

We could not praise Fratelli Village Pizzeria enough! Fratelli means “Brother” in Italian and you can feel the love and family-oriented ambience of this restaurant. Superb service with excellent food is a recipe for longevity in our books.

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This month I thought it would be a good idea if I gave some tips on a really important step when baking or a “baking basic” as I like to call it. I thought about some of the most important baking steps, and pan preparation is at the top of the list.

It’s the worst when you work so hard at getting your measurements right; make this great batter or dough; set it to cook and it turns out fantastic. Only to go and remove your baked creation and it gets destroyed because it’s stuck!

Knowing how to prep your pans can save you when it comes to sacrificing your time, tasty bakes and most importantly – your pans. One thing to consider when you begin is different pans require different attention. Intricately shaped pans, spring foam pans, round or square; it’s good to know your pan. Does it bake evenly? Does it stick in certain areas? Are there any nooks that you have to pay attention to? These are just a few things to know about your equipment. Remember: the older the pan the more personality it has! So I can’t stress how important it is to be familiar with each one individually.

Pan Prep Image

Every baker has their own preference on the medium they use to prep their pans. Most often you can find majority of these items in your fridge or pantry. Butter, shortening, flour, or pan spray are the most popular mediums. In the kitchen of some bakers, you may find parchment paper or something called “pan grease” – a mixture of flour, shortening and oil.

The methods are similar when using butter or shortening. Once you have decided on the fat you will use, you can then coat it all over the inside surface of the pan using paper towel or parchment paper. Make sure you get it everywhere!

Take a small amount of flour, put it in the pan and move it around until the inside is completely covered. It’s super important to ensure everywhere is coated. Everywhere! This will ensure that parts of your cake won’t break or stick when you attempt to remove it.

Once the pan is covered completely, dust out any excess flour. Too much flour on the inside of the pan will present on the surfaces of your bake. And there you have it!

The second method is the one which I use; a combination of pan spray and parchment paper.

To prep your pan with these mediums, begin by spraying the entire inside surface of the pan lightly with the pan spray. Then, take a piece of parchment paper and trace the bottom shape of the pan, cut it out and place it inside along the bottom of the pan. Make sure it covers the entire bottom surface.

Pan Spray Image

Some bakers may choose to line along the inside walls of the pans with parchment as well. This can be a bit tricky as well as time consuming, especially the more detailed the shape of your pan is.

You can also choose to flour your pan the same way you would as described in method 1, except here you are replacing the fat with pan spray. This may be especially helpful if you are using a shaped pan or a pan that you know tends to stick.

And there you have it, your pan is prepped!

Parchment Round Image

Normally these methods can be used when completing most bakes. However, a recipe will explain the pan preparation method to be used if it differs. A couple of things to keep in mind when your bake is complete: WARM BAKES ARE FRAGILE! Even though you may have prepped the pan like a champ, still be gentle when removing your bake.

Hopefully these pan prep tips will help you guys with your future bakes. Happy baking y’all!