Outside of Alleycatz

When our Creative Director, Scott, made the suggestion for us to go to Alleycatz for Winterlicious, we were beyond excited. We have wanted to go to Alleycatz for a while now and the opportunity finally presented itself. Located near Yonge Street and Englinton Avenue East, Alleycatz is the Jazz lounge that always has the party going, not matter what day of the week!

Grilled Tiger Shrimp with garlic butter and tossed greens on the side

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Can we start off by saying that we had some of the most comfortable seats at Alleycatz. When Alleycatz is referred to as a lounge, the place is nothing short of the word. The relaxing booth seating were perfection at best and the wooden dance floor was a nice added touch.

When we were seated, the waiter took our orders and we all agreed on having the Grilled Shrimp salad for our appetizers. The Tiger Shrimp drizzled with a Spanish garlic butter sauce was so succulent and cooked impeccably. We also loved the tossed salad on the side with its tasty Balsamic vinaigrette. This salad set the tone for a perfect dinner as we were excited to see what entrées we had next.

Prime Rib with Sweet Potato mash and mixed vegetables

Prime Rib

I will admit that this was my first time trying a Prime Rib and I am so glad that I chose it! We ordered the Prime Rib cooked medium well done and the cut of the roast was smooth like butter and it melted in all of our mouths. We all fell in love with the Sweet Potato mash and it was an elevated version of your typical mashed potatoes. The mixed vegetables were seasoned well and I made sure that I took a little bit of everything with every forkful.

Mushroom stuffed Raviolis in a tomato cream sauce with ricotta and parmesan cheeses sprinkled on top

Giant Wild Mushroom Ravioli 

I will be the first to admit that I am not a big fan of mushrooms because of its texture, but I definitely had to eat those words when it came to this Mushroom Ravioli dish. The ravioli had a particular freshness that married well with the tomato cream sauce that was cascaded on the plate. The Ricotta cheese was that bit of salt that hit our taste palates exquisitely along with the drizzle of truffle oil, and of course, we could not forget about the Parmesan cheese that the waiter brought us for the finishing touches of the dish. More cheese please!

Grilled Salmon with Sweet Potato mash and mixed vegetables on the side

Grilled Atlantic Salmon 

How could you go wrong with Grilled Salmon! That’s right, you can’t and we learned that by ordering one of the best salmons we have ever tried. The char marks on the salmon were so eye-catching and beautiful. The roasted Cherry Tomato and Kalamata Olives made for a light gravy that coated the salmon immaculately. We decided to substitute the Basmati rice with Alleycatz’s Sweet Potato mash and of course, we ate the entire entrée!

New York style Cheesecake with berry compote drizzle on top

New York Style Cheesecake 

When we saw New York Style Cheesecake on the menu, we absolutely had to try it for ourselves. To say that we were not disappointed is an understatement. The Berry Compote was so unbelievable that it was like a burst of excitement in every bite. For me, what makes a great cheesecake it the graham cracker crust and this crust was luscious. The consistency all around for this dessert made this a must-have treat.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla ice cream on the side

Classic Chocolate Ice Brownie 

When you think about brownies, you automatically think about ice cream. Well we had the pleasure of having both for dessert. With every spoonful of the Chocolate Brownie, we made sure to have the Vanilla Ice Cream accompany it. Just thinking about this dessert is making our mouths salivate. We guarantee that this chocolately delight is sure to please all of your senses.

A slice of Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting on top

Red Velvet Cake 

I know that I should start by referring to how decadent the Red Velvet Cake was but I would like to acknowledge the Cream Cheese frosting on top of the slice of cake. My goodness…It was so creamy and was a great union of the smoothness of the Cream Cheese frosting with the moistness of the actual Red Velvet Cake. We wanted to continue to eat the cake but unfortunately there was no more left. To put all the flavours and textures into words would be a difficult task. All we can say is, go out and try this cake for yourselves!


Our 2018 Winterlicious experience at Alleycatz was definitely one to remember! From the comfortable lounge seating to the Salsa lessons after hours, we would say that Alleycatz is that hidden gem that you have to show your family and friends no matter the occasion.

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