UMAMI is defined as a “pleasant, savory taste”.  In Japanese, Umai means “delicious” and Mi means “taste”.

The UMAMI blog strives to give you the best visual experiences that will make your mouth water. We want you to tap into your 5th taste and discovering what more, food has to offer. The food you eat needs to be an experience that you’ll never forget. Let us take you on a taste-filled journey.



Christine is the creator of The UMAMI Blog. She is an avid FOODIE. She strives to find restaurants and eateries that will give you more bang for your buck. Her blog is geared toward food lovers who want to make food an experience for your taste palate and your aesthetic pleasure.

Image: Scot Clarke

Scot is the designer (a.k.a graphic guru) for The UMAMI Blog. He collaborates with Christine on themes and concepts that enhance the essence of UMAMI.  He is a certified ‘foodie’ in the sense that he’s always ready to try something new.



Camille is Christine’s older sister and pescatarian contributor. Camille gave up eating meat in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. On most, if not all, of Christine’s dining outings you will be sure to find Camille joining her sister.


Chef Sam

Chef Sam
Chef Sam is a pastry chef that wants to add more zest and creativity to our viewers’ appetite. Not only does she construct picturesque pastries, but she also puts a modern and eclectic spin on your favourite foods. With the growth of her business, Sam’s Sweets, she proves to be a working mom that can do it all.