The outside of Bar Virage

At the corner of E 7th Street and 2nd Avenue, you can find the vibrant Bar Virage. This restaurant has a signature flare for Mediterranean-American cuisine. What makes this particular spot so special is that you can get a Chicken Shawarma and a burger AT THE SAME PLACE!

Tzatziki Salad with Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Tzatziki Salad

We wanted to start off with something fresh and light. The Tzatziki Salad was the perfect choice. It had the right amount of citrus that complimented the tomatoes and cucumbers well. You can also have Greek yogurt with the salad if you like.

Grass-fed Beef Burger with a side of Fries and Pickled Vegetables

Grass-fed Beef BurgerĀ 

The Grass-fed Beef Burger was not only appeasing to our eyes, but it was nothing like what we have ever had before. This burger was a part of Bar Virage’s Pita Sandwich selections and we could not get enough. Adding the pickled vegetables to the burger was our favourite way to indulge in this meal. The fries were an absolute bonus!

Chicken Shawarma with Pickled Onions

Chicken Shawarma

We loved the theme of the pickled vegetables. The chicken was succulent and juicy. We enjoyed the Mediterranean-style marination that was used throughout the dish. The tahini made the meal feel even more authentic. To witness the colours on the plate was no short of magnificent.

Honey Coconut Malabi with Almonds and Pistachios

Honey Coconut Malabi

For dessert, we had to try something new. The Honey Coconut Malabi is an Israeli custard-like pudding that consists of cream or milk. The consistency was smooth and silky with a crunch courtesy of the almonds and pistachios. The honey and coconut together made this dessert one of our favourites!

Bar Virage is located at 118 2nd Avenue in the Lower East side of New York, NY. Check out Bar Virage at