Lou Dawg's Outside

Between King Street West and Portland Street sits one of the locations for the southern style eatery, Lou Dawg’s. From the outside, Lou Dawg’s has a rustic yet modern feel. Initially, I walked by the restaurant but I happened to turn back around because I wanted to discover what was inside. Thank God I did!

Lou Dawg's Wall

As I went inside Lou Dawg’s, I noticed the restaurant’s logo on the wall. It was nice and big, which I can definitely appreciate. I loved that the light was highlighting the logo in a way that brought warmth to this establishment.

Lou Dawg's Menu

The warmth was one of the themes of Lou Dawg’s because the waiter was very inviting and friendly. He asked me if it was my first time at Lou Dawg’s and I told him yes. He offered me a menu and suggested the pulled chicken sandwich. I decided to go with his recommendation and he asked if I wanted to make it a Po’ Boy. I accepted.

Pulled Chicken Po Boy

I know you guys are probably wondering what a Po’ Boy pulled chicken sandwich is. Well the Po’ Boy element of the sandwich consisted of coleslaw being placed on top of the pulled chicken similar to condiments. The tanginess of the coleslaw with the sweetness of the barbeque pulled chicken made this sandwich mouthwatering. The slow cooked pulled chicken was so tender and their original southern BBQ sauce is incomparable. The freshness of the bread just made me want to eat the sandwich even faster. You guys are just going to have to get one for yourselves and you better make it a Po’ Boy!

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One of our appetizers were the pan seared scallops. FYI, this was my first time having scallops and I loved them. I enjoyed the sear on the bottom because it added the perfect caramelization to my taste palate. The sweet elements of the truffle oil made this experience even better.



My sister Camille and Scot, my Creative Director, ate the calamari as the second appetizer. The aroma of the calamari was very enticing. I can honestly say that the shape and cut of calamari reminded me of onion rings.


Onion Soup

French Onion Soup
Scot delved into the French onion soup. He had been talking about French onion soup from Morgans all day and it was sure to please. The Gruyere cheese crouton added a salty, savory taste that uplifted and enhanced the soup’s flavour.


Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries
The sweet potato fries were light with a crispy, coating. Morgan’s spicy aioli gave a spectacular balance to the sweetness of the fries and the salt sprinkled on top.



Korean Fried Chicken
I had the Korean fried chicken. I’m a fan of chicken breast so this meal worked perfectly for me. I received 2 chicken breasts and the skin on these breasts was a glistening, golden brown. The chicken breasts were very tender and decadent. The meal typically comes with kimchi fried rice and sautéed bok choy but I substituted those sides for fries and cornbread. All in all, my meal was pleasing to the eye and my taste buds.



Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
After we were stuffed from our meals, our waiter asked if we wanted dessert. We each looked at each other in silence. The waiter laughed and brought us each dessert menus. We knew that we were full from dinner, but you could never be too full for dessert. I suggested that we order one dessert and share it. We got the sticky toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. The pudding was velvety and warm. We scooped the ice cream with the pudding to ensure a smooth texture on the tongue.


Christine with Anna

Anna Sorrenti
When we were leaving the restaurant, we noticed a sign that read “Congratulations Chef Anne Sorrenti: Chopped Canada Champion.” We went back inside and I asked our waiter if I could meet Chef Anne. The waiter went to the kitchen and about 5 minutes later, Chef Anne came out to meet us. I complimented her on the exquisite food that she made for us. She was feeling under the weather but she still took the time to take a picture with me. This was one of the highlights of my food experiences.

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