July’s Tip: BBQ That Chicken

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Hey yall, it’s me again and summer is finally here, so I figured why not welcome it with open arms. This month it’s all about BBQ! Why not start your culinary summer season right with perfecting your signature BBQ chicken. Have you ever had BBQ and its either super burnt and dry, because the cook had to make sure it was cooked all the way through. Or, what about that BBQ chicken that looks super juicy and nice on the outside, and when you cut into it you discover; it’s not cooked!!

I wanted to give you all some super helpful tips that were shared with me when I was a little girl by my brother (who is an international professional chef…can you tell I’m beaming…Lol!) and they have never failed me when Barbequing. I ended up becoming the official grill chef at home before I was 11.

Tip #1: Season your meat. Traditionally in our culture we ensure that the meat is WELL seasoned. It can be marinated in a bevy of spices, fresh herbs and vegetables. So why not crack open that pantry. Don’t be afraid to try spices you may not use often to give your marinade a unique flavor each time.

Tip #2: Start with a clean well oiled grill. This step is crucial because you want to make sure that to end right you have to start right. Making sure your grill is clean and well oiled ensures that your tender loving chicken won’t stick while it’s grilling to perfection.

Tip #3: Don’t get flip happy. Once you place your chicken on the grill, just relax, have a drink and don’t be tempted to constantly open the grill and flip the chicken. Each time you do, more heat escapes from the grill and with every flip you risk the chance of breaking up your chicken. Once the chicken turns opaque and has a little give, give it a flip!

Tip #4: Clear juices are your natural timer. If you are wondering when your chicken is ready for BBQ sauce, just check for clear juices. A tender squeeze or press on your piece of chicken will expel clear juices once cooked through (and when I say clear I mean clear). Your chicken at this point will be ready to be dressed in your BBQ Sauce.

Tip #5: Sticky chicken = finger licking. You want to keep your chicken on the grill with the BBQ sauce just until your chicken starts to get a nice shine to it and looks just a bit sticky. What you are looking for is all the sugars in the BBQ sauce to start to caramelize. At this point your chicken will be perfectly done with just the right amount of char from the grill.

I hope these 5 tips help bring you delicious BBQ all summer this year.

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