Menu from Rude Boyz Restaurant

Next stop on our Barbados food adventure was a place that was right across from our villa. Rude Boyz was a Jamaican hotspot that served authentic jerk specialties with a Bajan twist. We were not expecting to find a Jamaican eatery but no one was complaining!

Fried Shrimp with fries, side salad, and coleslaw

Meela’s Shrimp

Whomever Meela is, we would like to personally thank you for your Shrimp! The batter was perfect and lightly coated the shrimp evenly. With fries, this dish was just right. Rude Boyz put their signature touch on this meal by adding a side salad, which consisted of fresh lettuce and peppers along with a vibrant coleslaw. We even got a little adventurous and mixed some of the side salad with the coleslaw. It sounds a bit different but boy did it taste excellent.

Jerk chicken breast with fries, toasted salad, and coleslaw on the side

Rude Jerk Dinner

We could not go to a Jamaican restaurant and not order Jerk Chicken. The plating was beautiful with the amazing colours of the side salad and coleslaw. We substituted the rice and peas for fries because you know we love some fries! We had the option of having our Jerk Chicken spicy. Just in case the jerk sauce was too spicy, we had the sauce on the side. The jerk sauce was spicy but not overwhelming. We were even using it as a dipping sauce for our fries. And of course the fried plantains were to die for!

Noodles with vegetables and fried Shrimp. Fried plantains on the side

Rasta Pasta with Shrimp

We can admit that we love shrimp!! Another shrimp dish that we had the pleasure of indulging in was the Rasta Pasta with Shrimp. You can never go wrong with a pasta dish that has seafood. The vegetables in this dish were sautéed with the right amount of crunch that we were looking for. Rude Boyz signature fried plantains were delicately place on the side of the dish as an added garnish. This Rasta Pasta definitely put Rude Boyz on the map!


The menu from Guang Dong

We were recommended a Chinese restaurant called Guang Dong. When we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that it was bright and lively. Little children were running around playing and we instantly discovered that this eatery was a family owned establishment.

Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein

One of the staples in Asian cuisine is Chow Mein. There are many variations of this popular dish, but we chose the Chicken Chow Mein. Finding the pieces of chicken in the meal was like finding gems that we got the chance to eat. Cabbage and bok choy were just a few of the vegetables that made this particular Chow Mein one to remember.

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice 

Another dish that is very famous in Asian cuisine is Fried Rice. There is nothing like a Fried Rice that has the ability to just melt in your mouth. The carrots were the perfect match with the chicken. We also admired the family size portions for each meal. We could share each dish without having to feel guilty about how much we indulged in a particular one.

Pepper Shrimp with Carrots and Broccoli

Pepper Shrimp

Can we honestly say that the way that this dish was dressed looked so appealing. We could tell that the placement of the broccoli and carrots were well thought out. Now you know spice is our thing and this Pepper Shrimp gets 2 thumbs way up! The seasoning was top notch and what more can we say about the shrimp in general aside from…Wow!

Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken

When the waitress brought out this dish, we automatically knew what it was before she told us. We could see those sesame seeds a mile away, which caught our eyes. With a mixture of sweet and sour, we ate the Sesame Chicken on top of our Chicken Fried Rice. Both dishes were beyond great together!

Shrimp and Broccoli

Shrimp & Broccoli

We know that you have heard of Beef and Broccoli but have you heard of Shrimp and Broccoli? Well we had to try it for ourselves. Trust us, we were very glad we did! The Teriyaki sauce that the Shrimp and Broccoli was made in enhanced the flavours of the meal. There were also pieces of carrots that accompanied the dish. We would certainly say crunchy goodness!


Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Barbados trip…



The Summerlicious menu from R&D

As we walked through the doors of this restaurant located between Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, we could hear the smooth sounds of R&B coming through the speakers. I knew that this would be the perfect spot for us to have a bite to eat. Summerlicious was happening in the city of Toronto and R&D was the place to be!

Lettuce Wrap with carrots, bean sprouts, sesame sweet soy & corn

Chop Suey Lettuce Wrap

We are meat lovers but there is nothing wrong with having a vegetarian option. We had the Chop Suey Lettuce Wrap and it was amazing. The flavours from the Sesame Sweet Soy dressed the lettuce perfectly. The freshness of the vegetables cleansed our palates suitably.

Potstickers filled with pulled pork & sauerkraut. Black vinegar dipping sauce on the side.


We enjoyed these particular Potstickers because they were nice and crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. The Pulled Pork filling was the midas touch. I cut my potsticker open and dipped it into the Black Vinegar sauce. The sweetness of the pork and the tanginess of the dipping sauce worked well together.

Marinated Chicken Thighs with peanuts on top & nuoc cham

Indo-Malaysian Chicken Satay

The Asian-fusion marinade on this Indo-Malaysian Chicken Satay dish was breathtaking. The peanuts on top were delicious because they were unexpected. Of course, R&D followed the theme of the night which were signature dipping sauces for each meal. Nuoc Cham was the dipping sauce for this dish as it added a Vietnamese flare.

Singapore rice, Chicken leg & breast with Sambal hot sauce on the side

Hainan Chicken

First off, let me say that I absolutely LOVED the Singapore rice from this Hainan Chicken dish. It was beyond exceptional and I still wish I took a side of that rice home. The chicken was tender as their cooking techniques involved locking in all of the chicken’s juices. I dipped my chicken into the Sambal hot sauce then combined it with the rice. The carrots and cucumbers on the side reminded me of a variation of a side salad. Bon appetite!

Fried rice with eggs, corn, bean sprouts & green onions on top

R&D Fried Rice

This is not your average fried rice! R&D’s Fried Rice has a mix of everything in it. The corn and sweet peas brought brightness to the dish. The green onions gave the rice that necessary punch to elevate the meal even further. The eggs were a reminder that it is still your quintessential Asian fried rice, but with a spin.

Dark Chocolate Brownie with ginger ice cream on top & wild blueberry compote on the bottom

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Ginger ice cream. It does not sound like it should work but trust us it does. With every bite, it is a powerful flavour but yet subtle due to the creaminess of the ice cream. The brownie was warm and the Wild Blueburry Compote underneath was a stylish touch. We love to eat with our eyes and this dessert did not disappoint.

Pineapple Egg Tart with dusted powdered sugar on top

Pineapple Egg Tart

Pineapples are one of our favourite fruits. The egg tart filling is not overly sweet and we appreciated that. The shell of the tart had the golden crust that everyone looks for. The Coconut Chantilly put this dessert over the top. It was light and airy with a whipped consistency. The fragrance of the mint leaf on top of the Coconut Chantilly was heavenly.

Mango Panna Cotta with Coconut Tapioca

Mango Panna Cotta

I know I mentioned that we love to eat with our eyes. Well this Mango Panna Cotta is another example of what I am talking about. It was so magnificent to look at that I had to stare at the dessert for a little while before we got to share it. One word that I can use to describe this dish is…SMOOTH. It was literally as smooth as butter. The Coconut Tapioca was the part that I liked the most. One word of advice, you should definitely share this dessert with others. Even though it comes in a small saucer, I promise you there is a lot to go around!

We are happy that we got to share our Summerlicious experience with R&D. I even got the opportunity to meet and speak with the Head Chef and MasterChef Canada Season 1 winner Eric Chong.

MasterChef Season 1 Winner Chef Eric & Christine

R&D is located at 241 Spadina Avenue. Check out R&D at