Fire from the grill at Uncle George

Now we could not complete our Barbados trip without grabbing a bite to eat at the famous Uncle George! Our last Friday on the island, we went back to Oistins for their Friday Fish Fry. Everyone and we mean EVERYONE told us that we had to stop at Uncle George. The way that the cooks were working the grills it definitely looked like works of art. Mind-blowing and jaw dropping!

Shrimp with Rice and Peas, Macaroni Pie and Grilled Potatoes

Grilled Shrimp with Rice & PeasĀ 

Even though Uncle George had a long line, the food is worth the wait we promise. The shrimp were grilled to perfection and the rice and peas was smooth like butter. We also had grilled potatoes, which was a nice touch to the already amazing meal. Now can we talk about Uncle George’s signature sauce… Creamy goodness that made us continue to go back for more. The look of the sauce reminded us of tartar sauce but minus the tangy taste. There was a hint of sweetness to the sauce that complimented the shrimp, which was the star of the dish.

Lobster and Shrimp with Macaroni Pie

Grilled Lobster Tail & Grilled Shrimp

We know that you can see the size of this lobster tail. When we opened the container of food, we all looked at each other in silence. The lobster tail practically took over the whole container. And did we mention that we also ordered shrimp with this dinner too. We were in seafood Heaven! Shrimp, lobster, and macaroni pie…What more did we need? Since this was going to be a our last meal out, we had to make sure that we went out with a bang!

Uncle George himself

Uncle George himself

We had such an amazing time in Barbados. The people, the nightlife, and of course the food were nothing short of spectacular. We can not thank this beautiful island enough for its hospitality and we hope to be back in the near future. Until next time Barbados!!