Winterlicious 2019: Speakeasy 21


The outside of Speakeasy 21

Located in the Scotia Plaza between Adelaide Street West and Bay Street sits one of the vivacious hotspots in the Financial District. Speakeasy 21 was our top choice for this year’s Winterlicious food adventure!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Olive crumble, Feta Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes. Naan Bread is garnished on the side.

Red Pepper Hummus

We began our Winterlicious experience with some Red Pepper Hummus. We felt that this appetizer signified how accommodating Speakeasy 21 was. This dish was not on the Winterlicious fixed menu but our lovely server offered the Hummus to us after we asked if we could possibly have other appetizer options. We can say that we LOVED the Hummus and the Naan bread was delicious. The Fete cheese really complemented the roast of the grounded Chick Peas. Now if you loved the look of this Hummus, wait till you see what the Brussels Sprouts looked like! Check it out below.

Smokey Brussel Sprouts with Sesame Miso Mayo, Shallots, and Chili

Smokey Brussels Sprouts

Now at this point, we had figured that our waitress was spoiling us. The Brussels Sprouts was another dish that is not on the fixed Winterlicious menu. We really had to question how we got so lucky! Let me personally say that I am a huge fan of Brussels Sprouts and these had to be my favourite. The smokiness of the Brussels Sprouts intermingled with the Red Chilis gave an excellent kick, which was accompanied by a slight cool down by the Sesame Miso Mayo. As I think about it, I could really go for some of the Brussels Sprouts right now!

Crab Cakes with Chipotle Mayo & Grilled Lemon

Snow Crab Cakes

I will admit that there were 3 of us that dined at Speakeasy 21 and we each wanted the Snow Crab Cakes. Our waitress told us that they had one more serving of the Snow Crab Cakes left. We decided to order the last serving of them as well as asked for other appetizer options. This is how we got so lucky and had the chance to choose our other apps. We were sooo excited to taste these cakes and they were beyond scrumptious! They were just melting like butter and was just smooth. I am a Chipotle Mayo enthusiast so I was in bliss with this particular one.

Fish & Chips with Coleslaw & Tartar Sauce

Fish & Chips

By looking at this picture, you can tell that the coating on the Fish was succulent and crispy. The flakiness of the Fish and the crispy coating were exuberant with the Tartar sauce. The Chips (or French Fries) had just the right amount of seasoning that made us want to continue to nibble on them even after we claimed that we were full. Lastly, that Coleslaw. My goodness! That was some of the best Coleslaw that I had ever had. I literally finished the whole thing and when I got to the end I was starting to taste a punch of heat which I enjoyed with the sweetness  of the slaw.

Grilled Striploin with Brown Butter poached Shrimp, French Fries and Green Beans

Surf & Turf

Speakeasy 21’s Surf & Turf included a Grilled Striploin with Brown Butter poached Shrimp. This meal comes with Smoked Mashed Potatoes but being the French Fry lover that I am, I asked to substitute the Mashed Potatoes for the French Fries. For the Striploin, I asked to have the cook on it medium-well and I was not disappointed. Very delicious!

Carrot Cake served with Cream Cheese Icing

Carrot Cake

Time for dessert! We began with the Carrot Cake. I hadn’t had Carrot Cake in a very long time so I was anticipating the taste of this particular one. We loved the Cream Cheese icing on top of the Carrot Cake because it had a tangy twist that gives you the right amount of pop in your mouth. We were looking forward to the next desserts that we’re coming.

Dark Chocolate Cake with house made Mint Ice Cream

Dark Chocolate Cake

This time we moved on to a different kind of cake. We ate the Dark Chocolate Cake and it is a MUST that you have each bite with the House-made Mint Ice Cream. With every bite, the cake and ice cream just kept getting better. I really appreciated the fact that the mint from the ice cream was not overpowering or overwhelming. I think that it is safe to say that we have a major sweet tooth.

Bailey's Cream Caramel served with Chocolate Chip Biscotti pieces

Bailey’s Cream Caramel

We all agreed that we saved the best for last. We all fell in love with this dessert. The Bailey’s Cream Caramel was light and airy. We also kept eating the Chocolate Chip Biscotti, which to my surprise was not at all hard. We were pleased to complete our 2019 Winterlicious experience with such a memorable sweet treat.

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